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Top 100 Animated Movies

Animated movies continuously earn more money at box offices than any other movie genre and as such they deserve special notice. This list aims to compile the best animated movies, which were among the most inspiring, entertaining and popular movies of all times. Feel free to leave your contribution to this list!

  • 776 votes
  • 30.07.12

TOP 100 TV Series

Never before have there been so many TV series to watch and so enjoyable at that. Here is the list of the best and brilliant ones that will keep your eyes riveted to your screen and leave you hungry for the next episode. Vote for your favorite TV series and add those that are missing!

  • 1.457 votes
  • 31.07.12

Top 100 Kung Fu Movies

Kung Fu Movies have become an identity of Chinese cinema like westerns have for Americans. This list aims to collect most prestigious movies in this genre that took your breath with their pure martial arts awesomeness. Feel free to vote for, or add your own favorites to the list.

  • 227 votes
  • 01.08.12

Top 10 Web Hosting

Below you will find the most up-to-date list of Top Web Hosting companies on the Internet, based on the quality of service, reputation and the credibility of people who stand behind them. Feel free to add the web hosting company that you feel belongs to this list.

  • 160 votes
  • 01.08.12

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Social Networking websites have bloomed in the recent years, connecting millions of people online. Vote for your favorite social network on this list, or add it if it isn't here already!

  • 416 votes
  • 01.08.12

Top 100 Dating websites

Dating has gone digital, like it or not. An online survey of 8.000 recently married people revealed that even 17% met their significant others online. Dating websites on this list are proven to maximize your chances at finding true love, and their services will meet your dating needs the best. If you have experience with some of dating websites that aren’t on this list, please feel free to add them!

  • 200 votes
  • 30.07.12

Top 100 Anime

Anime, short for Japanese Animation series & movies, is not as easily available as animated productions from the West, yet it has gathered a tremendous fan-base all over the world. If you belong to this group, you have certainly watched and enjoyed some if not all titles from this list. If you can also contribute some awesome Anime titles that aren't on this list, please feel free to do so!

  • 367 votes
  • 30.07.12

TOP 100 Love Movies

Don’t you love to feel the emotional suspense and breathlessly wait to see if love will conquer all in the end? If you can also use up a box of tissues in the process – that’s the epitome of a perfect romantic night! So, if you are looking for a good love movie, the ones from this ultimate list will guarantee an exciting trip into the realm of mankind’s best romance. If you feel that some movie is missing that should rightfully belong here, please feel free to add it!

  • 204 votes
  • 31.07.12

Best James Bond Movies

This list is made of the best selection of movies about everybody's favorite agent 007. If you like to watch James Bond movies, this is definitely a list for you. If we have missed some movie, feel free to add it!

  • 196 votes
  • 01.08.12

Top 100 Horror Movies

Vampires, Zombies, Torture, Abductions, Serial killers, Madness, Murder, Suspense, Possession, Mayhem… If you’re up for some thrill, here is the list of the scariest movies of all time! Feel free to contribute with the scary titles that left you breathless.

  • 261 votes
  • 30.07.12

Top 100 Sexiest Men

Narrowing the group of top sexiest men on the planet is not an easy task. These gentlemen on this list are all very attractive in so many ways - gorgeous, charismatic, successful, and most of all – sexy. Feel free to vote for your favorite candidate, or add your own one.

  • 218 votes
  • 03.08.12

Top 100 Vampire Movies

Vampires are famous mythological creatures, well known for their thirst for the blood of humans and animals, which they need for survival. While they mostly belong to the horror genre, vampire films do have their specific style and deserve a list on their own. Many filmmakers have introduced the cult of vampires in different ways. Some have emphasized the ancient and primal instinct of these ungodly creatures, while others have used vampires as a mean to display generic gore and horror. This list aims to introduce you to some of the greatest vampire movies of all times. Feel free to vote and add titles that you feel are missing from this list.

  • 175 votes
  • 31.07.12

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