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Best Zoo of All Time

A Zoo is a facility in which animals are kept in enclosures for viewing by the public, as well as for education, breeding, and conservation. This type explicitly includes aquariums and similar facilities.

  • 617 votes
  • 27.11.12

Best Zoo Exhibit of All Time

A zoo exhibit is an enclosure or group of enclosures in a zoo or aquarium. Exhibits may house a single species or several.

  • 617 votes
  • 27.11.12

Best Zoo Animal of All Time

A zoo animal is any individual animal that has been housed in a zoo or aquarium. Note: a zoo animal is NOT a species of animal.

  • 616 votes
  • 27.11.12

Top 100 Cat Names

If you have hard time thinking of an appropriate name for your new kitten, on this list you will find some of the most popular cat names. Feel free to vote for your favorite name, or add those that are missing!

  • 177 votes
  • 13.08.12

Most Popular Cat Breeds

If you are thinking about getting a kitten, on this list you will find some of the most popular cat breeds to choose from. You can vote for your favorite breed, or add those this list is missing.

  • 151 votes
  • 13.08.12

TOP 100 Dog Names

What's YOUR favorite dog name? Something cute? Something fierce? This is where we, the Internet decide on which names are the Top 100 Dog Names. This list is always subject to change, so login and put in your opinions now!

  • 120 votes
  • 30.07.12

Best Dog Breeds

Which breed is your favourite?

  • 110 votes
  • 20.11.12

100 Top Quotes

These quotes are either historically significant, very funny or they make you think. Vote on the ones already listed or join ListNerd for FREE to add more quotes.

  • 84 votes
  • 12.08.12

Top 10 Deadliest Animals

Every year there are a number of catastrophic accidents that are caused by wild animals. Mother Nature gifted them with weapons that in many cases can be lethal for humans. These weapons, however, help them to survive on this planet. This list of most deadly animals is based on both how lethal they are not only for humans, but for other animals around them as well.

  • 71 votes
  • 19.08.12

Top 10 Most Venomous Snakes

What are the most dangerous and deadly snakes in the world in your opinion? We have taken into the criteria the amount and potency of snake’s venom, caused fatalities, personality and aggressiveness. Feel free to add the snakes that aren’t on this list as well as vote for your favorites!

  • 71 votes
  • 16.08.12

Top 10 Dogs

This list contains some of the smartest and most intelligent dog breeds as voted by a wide number of dog trainers and owners. Vote for your favorite breed or add the one that haven’t found its place on this list yet!

  • 67 votes
  • 09.08.12
  • 60 votes
  • 06.06.12