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Top Dubstep Artists

The best dubstep artists on the planet.

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Top 10 Songs by Savant

Judge yourself on or

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Areeni Aasta albumid

Ekspressi digilehes ilmub Areeni Aasta albumi edetabel tänavu neljandat korda, Ekspressi paberlehes aga valitakse parimat albumit juba 15. korda. Järgnevas loetelus on plaadid, mida Areeni muusikakriitikud lõppeval aastal kõige kõrgemalt hindasid. Milliseid neist eelistad sina? Anna albumitele punkte skaalal 1-10.

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Best Guitarist of All Time

GuitaristAGuitarist is a person who plays the guitar. He or she may also be a Musical Artist or a Musical Group Member.PropertyGuitars Played: expects Guitar;the specific models of guitar played by the musician.

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Best Musical Album of All Time

A Musical Album refers to a collection of Musical Tracks (recordings of Songs) released in a common format such as Compact Disc or LP. An album is typically associated with a single Musical Artist unless it is a compilation, which is a collection of tracks by various artists. (These albums will not have a value for the Artist property at all.)This type is distinct from Musical Release which represents the various “pressings” or releases of an album. Musical Album is the more general type, and is probably the appropriate place for comments on the artistic work it represents.Please do not use this type for spoken word recordings, including stand-up comedy and audiobooks.For more see the help topic, Music Album Documentation

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Best Musical Group of All Time

A musical group is a Musical Artist that consists of more than one person. Instances can include everything from pop duos to orchestras and artists that only record or publicly perform together once. When multiple Artists or Musical Groups collaborate, they should only be typed as a Musical Group if they have designated a new name for their Musical Group. For more information, please see the Freebase wiki page on Musical Group.

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Best Musical genre of All Time

A Musical genre represents a style or classification of music and can be useful in identifying similar musical artists or albums. Genres can also contain other genres, or be influenced by other genres.The genre of a Musical Artist or Musical Album is a somewhat subjective matter, and there is no restriction that an artist or album must be placed in a single genre. Please help us populate these relationships are much as possible. Similarly, the parent and sub-genre properties are subjective; discuss or add to the values if you disagree, rather than removing another users opinion.

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Best Record label of All Time

ARecord label is a brand of an organization, usually a company, that finances the release of musical albums. Traditionally, a record label will sign a Musical Artist to a contract to release one or more Musical Albums and will also provide marketing support to pay for promoting the album. A company may have multiple record labels.

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Best Musician of All Time

A Musician is anyone who sings or plays a musical instrument, as a solo act, supporting artists, or as part of a musical group. Musicians may also be typed as Musical Artist to capture additional data such as recordings made (either as a solo act or as a contributor to a track or album) and concert tours (for solo acts).

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Best Bassist of All Time

BassistABassist is a person who plays a double bass or electric bass (also referred to as bass guitar). He or she may also be a Musical Artist or a Musical Group Member.This type has no properties of its own.

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Best Drummer of All Time

DrummerADrummer is a person who plays the drums. He or she may also be a Musical Artist or a Musical Group Member.This type has no properties of its own.

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Best Songwriter of All Time

SongwriterASongwriter is a person responsible for writing either the lyrics or the music (or both) for a piece of music. This role is typically found in popular music.PropertiesSongs Composed: expects Song; songs for which this person wrote the music.Lyrics Written: expects Song; songs for which this person wrote the lyrics.

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