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Top 10 X-Men Storylines

In any list of best comic book storylines, you’ll always see at least three of four entries from the x-men books. Well, here’s a list completely devoted to X-Men storylines. What’s your favorite? “Age of Apocalypse?” “The Dark Phoenix Saga?” Let us know by voting up the ones you like or add an X-Men storyline that's not listed here!

  • 70 votes
  • 27.08.12

100 Top Kids Movies

Looking for movies that are entertaining but "kid safe?" Well look no further. We're building the ultimate list of the best kids movies. Join the fun and vote!

  • 126 votes
  • 09.08.12

Top 10 Android Games

Android is one of the hottest mobile platforms out there and its games are insanely popular! This list houses the Top Ten Android Games but we don't have to stop at 10. As new games come out add them and vote for you favorites.

  • 46 votes
  • 12.08.12
  • 74 votes
  • 17.08.12

100 Top Animated Movies

Animated movies aren't just for kids anymore. The best of them immerse you in vibrant new worlds and create characters that you never forget. This list will host the best of the best. These movies come from any genre; are either 2D or 3D. As long as they significantly feature characters drawn by hand or the computer, their in. Vote up your favorites or add some new ones that you like.

  • 195 votes
  • 06.08.12

Best James Bond Movies

Even after 40 years, the James Bond franchise is going strong with 2008's Quantum of Solace. Choose your favorite Bond movies.

  • 177 votes
  • 17.08.12

Top 10 Browsers

The modern web browser is your window to the internet. The best browsers load quickly, have a clean layout and ample tools to aid in finding, displaying and saving the web pages that interest you. Vote on which browser you think should be on the top of the heap.

  • 70 votes
  • 16.08.12

Top 10 X-Men Villains

Not all of the bad guys, the X-Men fight against are human. In fact most of them are mutants. Here’s a rundown of some of their toughest opponents. Vote for the ones you like or add your own. Show your friends and decide together who’s the baddest of the baddies.

  • 48 votes
  • 27.08.12

Top 10 Board Games

With all of the high-tech video and computer games out there, sometimes it's nice to just sit back and relax with a nice old-fashioned board game. Add you favorites to the list and vote on which one you think is the best!

  • 83 votes
  • 16.08.12

Top 100 Comic Book Villains

Okay, this list is for the baddest of the baddies. These guys are devote themselves to making our favorite comic book heroes' lives hell. They've been involved in massive loss of life or have caused intense physical, emotional or material pain to one of our heroes. I’ll admit that I’m partial to Marvel, so I need the fans from DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc. to step up!

  • 87 votes
  • 30.07.12

Top 10 Best Novels

What are your favorite novels? Vote up the ones that you like on this list and add more!

  • 100 votes
  • 17.08.12

Top 10 Domain Hosting Providers

Domain hosting providers are the companies that get our sites up on the web and make sure that they stay there. A good hosting company keeps their servers up and running and gives you the tools you'll need, all for a good price. These are some of the best companies out there. Let us know how you feel by voting up the ones you like. Also, we don't have to stop at 10 companies. Add a new entry if your favorite provider isn't included here!

  • 42 votes
  • 17.08.12

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