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Best Birds of Angry Birds

What are the best birds of Rovios Angry Birds? Vote on your selection of the best Angry Birds below.

  • 7.463 votes
  • 28.02.13

Best Console to Buy in 2013

Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U or something completely different? What's the best console to buy in 2013? Give your vote below.

  • 1.198 votes
  • 12.06.13

Books You Have To Read Before You Die

Some books are better than others. Below you'll find a list of the books you have to read before you die. Remember: You can add new books to the list and rate the existing books on the list.

  • 99 votes
  • 21.12.12

Best Game in the Call of Duty Franchise

There are a lot of games in the Call of Duty franchise. A lot good, some crap. Help separate the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • 426 votes
  • 27.11.12

Best Viral Videos of All Time

Help choose the Best Viral Videos of All Time! You can vote on the different videos by clicking the "Rate"-button to the right of each video.

  • 24 votes
  • 22.04.13

Best Character in Arrested Development TV-series

Let's settle this once and for all: Tobias? Michael? Buster? Gob? George Michael? Or somebody else? Decide below.

  • 158 votes
  • 21.11.12

Best Series on Netflix

The TV landscape might not be completely bleak anymore, but there’s still plenty of great television you might have missed the first time around. Now you can catch up on several of those shows via Netflix. Help us decide what the best TV series on Netflix are.

  • 79 votes
  • 05.02.13

Top Luxury Watches for Men

A luxury watch tells more than the time; it tells something of its owner. Here are the top luxury watches for men.

  • 55 votes
  • 28.07.12

Top Women in Business

There are now 20 female CEOs running America’s largest companies. That paltry number of 4% is actually a record. Help shed light on the top female CEOs and business leaders of the world.

  • 59 votes
  • 27.12.12

Best Office Chairs

Are you looking for the best, the coolest or simply the most suave office chair around? See our collection of the best office chairs below. Are you a industrial designer or design connoisseur and see something missing? You can also add your favorite office chairs to the list. PS: Don't forget to invite your friends to have their say on the list!

  • 27 votes
  • 11.03.13

Watch: Funniest Japanese TV Pranks

We all know the japanese are sick. See the funniest japanese TV pranks of all time.

  • 28 votes
  • 28.08.13

Top 100 black gospel songs

Help us rate who's hot and who's not! Have your say by voting on the various entries below.

  • 3 votes
  • 15.07.12

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  • Břeťa Hanzel 9th of April 2013 · Reply · Report
    Hi Erling, do you have any idea why my list was deleted by admin? Not cool at all... :( Thanks for any info. Bret
  • Tobias Andersen 19th of March 2013 · Reply · Report
    Digger det nye designet!
    Ser også at flere bugs har blitt fikset, som det at man ikke kunne redigere bildene på enkelte listeelementer. :P
    Btw. hva med å ha en egen "notification" for "wall posts"?
    Så ikke at jeg fikk melding fra deg på wall'n før i dag,
  • uaexed 21st of November 2012 · Reply · Report
    Muligheter for å kunne endre listedetaljer ala de 3 custom rekkene. Vil gjerne skifte navn på de, har skrevet norsk når jeg skulle ha engelsk ved en feiltakelse.
  • uaexed 20th of November 2012 · Reply · Report
    2342 lists, woah.... Du tar jo helt av!
  • Tobias Andersen 18th of November 2012 · Reply · Report
    Thx! du er rå du og! :3
  • Sanders 10th of August 2012 · Reply · Report
    Hi Erling and to everyone else..
  • JG77 7th of August 2012 · Reply · Report
    hi! whats going on?
  • Sanders 6th of August 2012 · Reply · Report
    Hi there,
    Prepping the lists, have got a few topics..enjoying myself!
  • Ole Bjørn Venås 17th of July 2012 · Reply · Report
  • Administrator 22nd of June 2012 · Reply · Report